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California Taxpayers Association

1215 K Street, Suite 1250
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 441-0490
(916) 441-1619
President: Teresa Casazza

Philosophy of Organization

Founded in 1926, the California Taxpayers Association is the state's largest and oldest organization representing taxpayers. Established as a nonpartisan, non-profit research and advocacy entity, CalTax is a business-oriented association with a dual mission to guard against unnecessary taxation to promote government efficiency.


  • CalTaxletter provides CalTax members with complete coverage of legislative and state tax agency (State Board of Equalization and Franchise Tax Board) deliberations on tax policy issues, as well as updates on court cases involving California tax issues. Continually published since 1988, CalTaxletter has earned respect as the most comprehensive periodical on California taxes. The publication, electronically published 40 times a year, includes information and analysis from CalTax's experienced team of policy experts, and is widely considered a must-read for taxpayers and anyone involved in the field of tax policy.
  • CalTax Research Bulletins provide information on tax policies, local taxes, legislative spending, and property taxes in California.
  • California's Tax Machine. CalTax Chief Tax Consultant David R. Doerr chronicles the birth of assessments on property, income, sales, utilities, vehicles, banks and corporations, inheritances, oil, alcohol, tobacco, and more. It includes must-read chapters on the landmark property tax initiative, Proposition 13, detailing the caused and effects of the taxpayers' revolt.

Please visit Cal-Tax online at http://www.caltax.org


In addition to the CalTaxletter, CalTax membership includes: the fastest, most complete early warning coverage of tax policy; the most advanced tax advocacy staff in Sacramento; fact-finding policy research; legal support; lobbying and media outreach.

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